Different phases of reopening in America include one of the nation’s favorite pastimes — dining out. The reopening of restaurants will boost the economy and help get businesses back on their feet. From the restaurants themselves to all the vendors in their supply chain, everyone will feel the impact of the of restaurants reemerging in America. Just as it is for other industries, there will be a new set of rules and regulations for restaurants to follow, including some of the following:

Limited capacity

Many restaurants have been open for takeout and deliver over the past few months, but now they are beginning to open back up for dine-in options. Most states are Some states are only allowing up to 50% of the establishment’s capacity for indoor dining. This does not include patrons who opt for outdoor dining, if applicable.

Outdoor dining

Just in time for some beautiful summer weather, a trend that most establishments will adopt (if possible) will be outdoor dining. Outdoor dining provides the option for restaurants to put some more space between tables to comply with social distancing and safety guidelines. It also gives businesses the opportunity to open to a higher capacity of people and bring in more patronage than if they only have indoor dining options and bring more staff back to work to accommodate the capacity of customers.

Curbside pickup

An option that restaurants adopted during the first wave of COVID-19 was giving customers the option of curbside pickup for takeout orders. This was a common trend across many retail industries, not just restaurants. Curbside pickup allows for businesses to operate, fulfill orders, and maintain a clean and safe workspace for employees with little risk of compromise. This also provides customers wary of reopening too soon and risking exposure an opportunity to still support their favorite restaurants and businesses.

Sanitation practices and employee regulations

As all industries are, restaurants are following new sanitation guidelines on kitchen and house sanitation. High-touch surfaces such as chairs, tables, menus, and counter surfaces must be sanitized between parties. Self serve stations or buffet style areas are not allowed or available for patrons. In addition to sanitizing stations being constantly available to employees and customers, employees are encouraged to stay six feet or more away from customers and wear masks.

While there are many rules and guidelines to follow, we know that they are for the health and safety of employees and customers alike. If you are a restaurant owner and have any more insight, opinions, or ideas about reopening, CDO Group would love to hear them! Contact us here to have a chat with our team.