Construction Project Manager Chicago

Construction Management

Leading the industry in dynamic corporate construction development and project management services, CDO Group takes decisive action. Since our establishment in 1998, we’ve championed the cause, representing hundreds of clients across diverse industries in all 50 states.

In the field, we witnessed the challenges faced by companies grappling with staffing issues during expansion and remodeling phases. Recognizing the high turnover rates caused by inadequate staffing, CDO Group steps in with an impactful solution. We empower companies and franchisees with a proactive and cost-effective construction management alternative, eliminating the need for additional internal staff. This strategic approach not only addresses the industry’s evolving and unpredictable development schedules but also ensures sustainable growth and success.

construction program management
  • Program

    • Program strategy
    • Surveys
    • Scope development
    • Permit due diligence
    • Design development process
    • Supply-chain management
    • Budget and menu pricing
    • Order equipment
    • Warehousing and logistics
    • Standard operating procedure manual
    • Scheduling
construction program management graph
  • Program

    • Pre-construction management
    • Written scopes of work
    • Bid management
    • Scheduling
    • Value-engineering
    • On-site supervision
    • Progress documentation
    • Architect and engineer selection and management
construction program drawings
  • Construction


    • Turnkey construction management
    • Contractor and vendor pre-qualification
    • Contractor selection
    • Safety program management
    • On-site supervision
    • Scheduling
    • Coordinate owner-furnished materials and equipment
  • Panda Express Restaurant Construction
  • Christian Brothers Automotive ground up construction
  • Novel Coworking custom woodwork construction offices
  • Altitude Trampoline Park construction management
  • Jersey Mike's Restaurant


Monetary Savings
CDO Group’s skilled staff will reduce total project costs on each project through our excellent value engineering services and through the development of a specifically tailored Construction Management Plan. In addition to saving costs through value engineering, our shift stacking allows for compressed construction schedules leading to more days of operation for your facility.

CDO Group is comprised of highly skilled and motivated construction management professionals educated in all disciplines of the construction process. Each person on CDO Group’s staff occupies a personal commitment to getting the job done right with the highest efficiency and quality possible.

Time Savings
CDO Group will complete construction projects in less time through the implementation of trade stacking and a relentless pursuit of scheduling perfection. We tackle all phases of construction to ensure our clients can get the most days of operation out of each location.

Better Quality and Value
The staff at CDO Group takes the time to understand their client’s subjective perception of value and will deliver a project tailored to that perception. Through constant communication, you will feel like we are part of your core team. We are there to assist with anything that is needed to achieve your goals.