About CDO Group

Since 1998, CDO Group has been the industry leader in providing a full range of outsourced corporate construction development and project management services. CDO Group was formed by a group of client-side development professionals to address the industry’s changing and often unpredictable development schedules. We have represented hundreds of clients in all 50 states and all major designated market segments. CDO Group provides multi-unit retail companies with a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective construction management alternative to adding supplementary internal staff.

We specialize in partnering with companies during periods of heavy expansion and/or remodeling. In these times, we work with our clients to create detailed program plans that help save time and money throughout the program’s lifecycle. We have successfully executed thousands of projects nationwide for many of today’s top multi-unit retailers.

Our in-depth understanding of owner-side needs and expectations, combined with a relentless pursuit of process efficiency, has given us the ability to create value for our clients. We do this by allowing them to focus on their core operating business while we ensure that their development objectives are being professionally managed.

“When I started in construction, I wanted to be part of a team that changes the game of how it’s done.  I’m excited to say that’s where CDO Group is now, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we do daily on every project.”
– Sophia Amunategui, President, CDO Group