New technology on construction sites provides a multitude of benefits for construction management companies and contractors everywhere. From reducing cost by increasing efficiency to more safety technology reducing risk, new-age tech is here to stay.

CDO Group, as well as many construction management companies, are taking to some of the following new technologies and bringing them to our work sites, staying at the forefront of efficiency and effectiveness.


Some of the most popular new technology that can be found all over job sites are apps and tools that enable seamless and streamlined communication channels. These apps allow for workers and management to follow social distancing guidelines while also phasing themselves back into production. Workers can remain safe on the job while still effectively collaborating with others on and off the worksite. Some of these apps include: Microsoft Teams, Smartsheets, and Fieldwire along with Arlo and Matterport camera systems and they have the capabilities to take care of documents and meetings, photo management, and communications between the job site and the office. At CDO Group we leverage our Matterport cameras to allow our subcontractors to participate in site walks from their office. This allows them to continually revisit each site to answer site-specific questions and we have seen a reduction in construction costs because of it. Additionally, CDO Group uses Smartsheets. It is a robust reporting tool on all areas of our business from estimating jobs, running projects, the oversite of whole programs, and a complete overview of how everything ties together financially.

Camera technology for job sites

The use of camera technology on job sites has a multitude of benefits for the construction industry. Camera tech has become necessary for showing progress and finished products to clients and staff, especially during the times of social distancing and being unable to open sites to the same capacity as it did pre-pandemic. Using cameras alleviates the risk of having viewings on unfinished job sites that could pose potential hazards to clients and staff. The Matterport 360 camera creates virtual tours of sites, taking 2d images and creating a 3d, 360-degree image. This camera is an accurate and efficient tool to use rather than having people in and out of the job site. The value of the Matterport camera isn’t just for the current job but it is also a fantastic reference point down the road for facility or remodel work.

AI in construction

Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that can be used on a variety of projects within a construction site. AI can reduce time and costs, raising the bottom line for construction companies and clients. There are certain robots that could also reduce risk on sites for human workers. Small robots or drones could access hard to reach spaces and perform the necessary work, reducing risk for human workers. Some AI robots include IBM’s Watson and Hanson Robotics surreal Sophia.

Safety technology for job sites

According to OSHA, 10% of construction workers will be injured every year. Raken has launched a new communication tool for field management that aids in workplace safety called Toolbox Talks. According to Construction Tech Review, “The updated feature, Toolbox Talks, will streamline the scheduling of safety talks, enabling superintendents and safety managers to focus on the safety of the workers rather than the paperwork.” By using this software, management, foremen, and superintendents can organize their paperwork, signatures, schedules, and safety talks for employees in one place.

New technology on construction sites is especially prevalent in our current market landscape, particularly using robots instead of humans for work on sites. CDO Group is always open to start utilizing new tech to make our work sites faster, more efficient, and safer for our employees and clients. If you have any new technologies that have been working for you on your job site, contact us and we would love to talk more about it!