outsourcing construction

At CDO Group, we know first-hand there’s a big stigma around outsourcing construction teams/construction project management. One of the most common questions we get from clients is: why bother outsourcing a construction project?

Many clients have trouble justifying why outsourcing is just as good (if not better!) than using an internal team to handle the job. But as experts in the field, we’ve put together the reasons why outsourcing a reliable way to get the job completed.

1. Industry expertise.

Construction contractors with long resumes of experience have likely worked on construction projects within several different industries, most commonly: restaurants, municipalities, office spaces, and apartment buildings. Experience with navigating construction projects around all different industries gives outsourced contractors an added edge, since they’ve likely completed projects like yours once or twice before.

Not only will contractors have experience in the clients’ industries, they’ll be able to apply their best practices having seen the ins and outs of the construction industry. The trick is to hire a contractor that has plenty of experience managing and executing successful construction projects.

2. The best bang for your buck.

If you plan to outsource a project’s construction management, you can fully leverage your outsourced partners established network at each step. This can include architects, expediters, and general contractors throughout the development process, which increases the competitiveness as they compete for your business, giving you the highest quality for the best price. National general contractors can take it a step further by performing across the country, while utilizing locally-experienced partners in the region of their project.

3. A fresh set of eyes.

When you work solely with an internal construction team or project manager, it’s easy to adopt a narrow focus on a construction project. Having an outside contractor with a new perspective will give you the opportunity to optimize project efficiency in a way that you may not have thought of before.

4. Sharpened communication skills.

The key to any successful construction project is endless communication. Trained construction professionals are experts at communicating every project detail from start to finish, especially since they are handling several projects at once. Hiring an outsourced construction manager will keep your communication skills in tip-top shape.

Considering outsourcing your next construction project? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.